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Citibank Philippines Overview

Citibank PhilippinesCitibank is a US owned foreign commercial bank operating in the Philippines. It is a subsidiary of Citigroup; the US based global banking and financial services company. Historically, Citibank has had a long presence in the Philippines with its first branch opening up in Manila i... read more

Citibank Philippines Discussion

  • Q: what is all contact numbers of citibank

    Reply alphue from Philippines
  • Q: I am a US resident. I want to open a PESO SAVINGS ACCOUNT in the Philippines. How do I go about it? What are the procedures involved? Pls reply soonest. Thank you.

    Reply Zenaida from Las Vegas, United States
    • R: What is required to open a personal checking account in the Phillipines? Is there a minimum opening amount and minimum existing balance? Can I make account transers from my US account and have a 3rd party who has a debit card in Phillipines to make withdrawals out of the account? Thank You, Allen F.

      Reply allen
  • Q: I have a Debit card issued by citibank in the US. Can I change the PIN no. while in the Philippines?

    Reply tita from Philippines
  • Q: I have accounts in the US. Can I access (deposit and withdraw) from those accounts while I am in the Philippines

    Reply Tita from Philippines
    • R: I had a checking account with Citibank but that branch was taken over by BDO Can I open a new her n The USA before I go to the Philippines?

      Reply ELLIOTT
    • R: Planning to move B of A account to Citibank. Please send your reply regarding above question.

      Reply Ernesto
  • Q: do I have to open an account to deposit $2,000.000 ?

    Reply susan from United States
    • R: Very hard to communicate with citi bank, i have my credit card already off but still the citi bank is putting balance in my account which i need to pay monthly P1,000 and citi bank can not be contacted by phone or by email. The bank branch i once went there but there is no parking space ib the bank you need a driver with you. Now iam abroad and very hard for me to stop that citi bank credit card to stop it from putting balance on my credit card

      Reply Benedicto
      • R: I have a concern regarding my call for cash which was already approved. I already talked several times to the agents at their contact phone and was promised that the concerned person will call back for feedback but nobody call back. I have an existing call for cash loan which was consolidated to the approved new call for cash loan. I was informed that the amortization billed in my credit card included the portion of the interest for the new approved loan. My concern is that I have not received the cash for my loan but the amortization had been effected. Please inform me why I am already paying interest for the new loan when in fact I have not received yet the cash.

        Reply Gabriel
      • R: true, it's pain in the ass

        Reply jo