Philippines Loans

Provider Rate Type
Metrobank 1 Year Home Loan

Rate indicated is the New Bookings Rate for a period between 11 - 15 years.

APR 6.00%
Mar 2016
PSBank 1 Year Home Loan

Rate indicated is based on the 'Home Loan Acquisition or Construction' product for New Bookings.

APR 6.00%
Feb 2018
PNB Home Loan 20 Years Fixed

Rate is for the 'Sure Home' loan product which has varied interest rates depending on the loan term. Minimum P750,000 for buying a house & lot within Metro Manila or minimum P500,000 outside of it. Lots by themselves have a lower minimum. 

APR 10.75%
Jun 2018
HSBC Philippines Home Loan

Loan is from p700,000 to P50,000,000 with a LTV of 80% for a fixed term of 1 year

APR 11.84%
Feb 2018


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