United Coconut Planters Bank (UCPB)

The United Coconut Planters Bank or commonly branded as UCPB is a major bank in the Philippines. It was started back in 1963 and became a commercial bank in 1981. UCPB is a PDIC member and in 2013 had 188 bank branches and 277 ATMs (part of megalink ATM shared network which has 23 member banks). It offers traditional banking services and products to retail and commercial banking clientele including coconut farmers and related communities. UCPB retail deposit products includes regular savings accounts (ATM), current accounts, kiddie accounts, peso check accounts, passbook savings accounts, foreign currency accounts as well as Peso CTD and US Dollar CTD ( Certificate of Time Deposit)  accounts.

Headquarters: 7907 Makati Avenue, Makati City, Philippines (Located In front of Mandarin Oriental Hotel)

You can telephone UCPB  on :(632) 811-9111/ 1-800-1-888-9777 (Toll Free)


UCPB Services

Personal Banking

  • Bank Accounts
  • Savings/Deposits Bill Payments
  • Credit Cards
  • FX
  • Loans
  • Remittance
  • Treasury
  • Trusts
  • Investments

Individual Investments

  • Peso Savings Accounts
  • Children Savings Account
  • USD Savings account
  • Peso Time Deposit
  • US Dollar Time Deposit
  • Unit Investment Trust Funds
  • individual Agency Accounts
  • Cash Funds
  • Peso Bond Funds
  • Equity Funds
  • US Money Market Funds
  • Peso Government Securities
  • Peso Treasury Bills
  • Peso Retail Treasury Bonds
  • Peso Fixed Rate Treasury Notes
  • Peso Prime Corporate Bonds
  • Peso Repurchase Agreement
  • Republic of the Philippines Dollar Bonds
  • Prime Corporate US Dollar Bonds

UCPB Discussion

  • Q: what are the requirements if i want to ask an update regarding my savings, since im not currently leaving at my home town..and i stopped sending money to my account for almost 6 months..are they going to deduct some money from my savings?

    Reply willaflor from Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
  • Q: i would like to ask how many percent of 3 year fixed term time deposit?

    Reply Aldin from Philippines

UCPB Discussion Activity

  • Deposits
    Q: Is there a product in UCPB called "HIGHYIELDER"?? and pays quarterly with what interest rate per quarter?

    Reply Jash C from Taiwan
    • R: Thats just for security bank

      Reply Dan