1 Year Time Deposit Rates

Best Interest Rates on a 1 Year / 12 month Certificate of Deposit in Philippines

Deposit Account TypeAPYAccount Details
PSBank 1 Year Fixed Term Deposit2.50% Rate indicated is for Individual Accounts and requires a minimum deposit of 10,000,000 peso. - PHP - Feb, 2018More Info
UnionBank 1 Year Time Deposit1.75% Interest Rate % is applicable for 12 months/360 days for a balance over P5,000,000 in Peso curren - PHP - Feb, 2018More Info
LANDBANK 1 Year Time Deposit1.2500% This LANDBANK product is denominated in Peso and requires a minimum of P 1,000,000.00 - below 100 - PHP - Feb, 2018More Info
BDO 1 Year Time Deposit1.125% The interest rate is for an approximate 12 month / 1 year term (360 days) for Peso deposit balanc - PHP - Feb, 2018More Info
Metrobank 1 Year Time Deposit1.125% The time deposit td interest rate is a for a deposit of 50,000 to 199,999 Peso and applies for a- PHP - Jun, 2018More Info
BPI 1 Year Time Deposit1.1250% - Rate is for a 'Regular Time Deposit (Peso)' deposit of 5 MM and up and for 364 days. - PHP - Jun, 2018More Info
PNB 1 Year Time Deposit1.125% The interest rate applies to Peso time deposits that range between 181 to 360 days for amounts &g - PHP - Jun, 2018More Info