LANDBANK Interest Rates


LANDBANK Interest RatesLand Bank of the Philippines or commonly known as just 'LANDBANK' is one of the largest domestic owned commercial banks in the Philippines. It is government owned and caters to rural and countryside development. It was established back in 1963 and as at 2012 had 329 bank branc... read more


Personal Banking

  • Basic Bank Account(Current Account)
  • Savings/Deposits
  • Debit/Credit Cards
  • Investments
  • Loans
  • Remittance

Individual Investments

  • Peso Savings Account
  • Peso Time Deposit
  • US Dollar Savings Account
  • US Dollar Time Deposit
  • Yuan Savings Account
  • Yuan Time Deposit
  • Government Securities
  • Philippines Fixed Rate Treasury Notes
  • Philippines Retail Treasury Bonds
  • Philippines Zero Coupon Bonds
  • Corporate Securities
  • Landbank Securities

Discussion Activity

  • Q: What time does your bank branch in Malate open this morning?

    ReplyGerry from San Juan, Philippines

LANDBANK Discussion Activity

  • LANDBANK 1 Year Time Deposit - Deposits
    Q: How much it will be the interest of PHP50,000 in 1 year time deposit?

    Venus from Kuwait City, Kuwait
  • Deposits
    Q: Is it possible if an existing ATM saving account will also be use for time deposit?

    Thessa alvarez from Quezon City, Philippines
  • Deposits
    Q: Is it possible that an existing atm savings account will also be the same account for time deposit?

    Thessa alvarez from Quezon City, Philippines