Metrobank 1 Year Time Deposit

Metrobank 1 Year Time Deposit

Rate at 1.25% p.a*

on Metrobank's secure website

Metrobank 1 Year Time Deposit

Type Fixed
Rate 1.25%
Currency PHP



Authority: The 'Metropolitan Bank and Trust Company' or Metrobank is a major Philippine bank with 752 branches across the country. It is a member of Philippines Deposit Insurance Corporation and was created in 1962.� 

How to open a Metrobank Time Deposit:

- New and existing customers of Metrobank can open this time account by visiting a physical Metrobank branch location. You can find the closest branch by using their 'branch finder' tool and search by province and either city, town or municipality. � 

- You can also call them for further information including:

Customer Care (Monday - Friday): 898-8701, 898-8702

24/7 Contact Center Hotline: � 8700-700, 1-800-1888-5775 (provincial areas)� 

Information on Metrobank 12 Month Time Deposit Interest Rates:

Similar to other Philippine banks, the rate of return for Metrobank Peso one year time deposit interest is highly influenced by the BSP (Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas). In addition other factors include bank regulations, liquidity, banking costs, funding requirements as well bank competition for deposits. For example a bank may try to attract deposits to increase its deposit mix of domestic deposits for more stability as funding costs may escalate when try to access wholesale funding in volatile market conditions. Also these rates tend to be higher than more liquid checking account / savings accounts.

The time deposit td interest rate is a for a deposit of 50,000 to 199,999 Peso and applies for a term between 181 - 364 days for the amount 20MM & Higher 

The rate of 1.25% is 0.02% higher than the average 1.23%. Also it is 0.25 % lower than the highest rate. Updated Nov, 2015